Welcome to Life Groups!

In Acts chapter 2 we find the early church experienced rapid growth. Thousands came to faith in Christ on the day of Pentecost. Fortunately those new believers did not get lost in the crowd. They began meeting in small groups throughout the city of Jerusalem where they studied the Word of God, prayed, fellowshipped, and ministered to one another. As the church grew larger they were able to become a part of a caring Christian community through small groups.

At Covenant we value Acts 2 small groups. We intentionally strive to create small groups where people can study the Word of God together, pray together, make friendships, and minister to one another in times of need just as the New Testament church did. You can find some of the many small group opportunities provided at Covenant listed below.

Why Sunday School?

It’s quite simple; God did not create us to experience life alone. Through Sunday school you can worship with other believers, grow spiritually, make friendships, and be part of a caring community that provides prayer support and encouragement. Sunday school also provides you with an opportunity to participate in service and ministry to others. At Covenant we have Sunday school classes for every age and stage of life. Check out the list of class opportunities below.

Sunday School Classes, Teachers, & Locations:


Preschool Sunday school provides an opportunity for small children to grow spiritually with kids their own age. Each week teachers use crafts, songs, games, and other activities to teach the truths of God’s Word in a safe loving environment.  All classes begin at 9:45 am.

2 Year Olds

Teacher: Anne Morgan
Location: Nursery Suite

3 Year Olds

Teacher:  Clorisa Smith & Stacy Hammett
Location: Room 103

4 Year Olds

Teachers:  Tina & Breanna Long
Location: Room 102

5 Year Olds

Teacher: Samantha McClellan
Location: Room 101


Each class provides an opportunity for your child to fellowship with other children their age and to learn the truths of God’s Word through object lessons, illustrations, and other activities. The children also enjoy crafts, songs, snacks, and game time in a safe loving environment.  All classes begin at 9:45 am.

1st Grade

Teacher: Joyce Hayes/Melanie Hudgens
Location: Room 100

2nd Grade

Teacher:  Janet & Tony Stewart

3rd Grade

Teacher: Emily Anne Ellas & Andrew Hammett
Location: Room 106

4th & 5th Grade

Teacher:  Meggin Hamilton & Misty Wilson
Location: Room 107


Sunday School is not just for kids. Youth Sunday school provides a place where students can grow spiritually and make lasting friendships. Our teachers strive to show students how God’s Word is relevant to everyday life.  All classes begin at 9:45 pm.


6th, 7th, 8th Grade

Teachers: Brenda & David Kelley
Location: Room 207, upstairs

9th-10th Grade Class

Teacher:  Todd & Kelley Beak
Location: Room 210, upstairs

11th-12th Grade

Teacher: Drew Heller, Tracie Hall & Katrina Gipson
Location: Room 213, upstairs

Young Adults

Surrounded (Ages 18-29)

Surrounded (formerly Transmission) provides college students and young adults a place where they can become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ in a loving community.

Teacher: Jim and Christy Upton
Location: Room 204

THRIVE (Young Couples)

Teacher: Ronnie & Jan James
Location: Room 221


All classes begin at 9:45 am.


This class seeks to apply the Bible to every day life.

Teacher: Kevin and Laurie Thompson
Location: Room 111

Step Up Class

This class is geared for couples 30 – 39, but anyone is welcome. Lifeway Curriculum and other material are used. Multimedia presentations are often given. This class seeks to apply the lessons towards issues families face on a daily basis.
Teacher: Joe Hurst
Location: Room 209

The Navigators

This class is geared for those in their 30s or 40s.
Teacher: Randy Bunch, John Hollingsworth & Chris Sanders
Location: Room 222

Focus Class

This class is designed for adult couples age 40 – 49. Lifeway Curriculum – Family Bible Study Series, and other materials are used.
Teacher: Jim Hammett
Location: Room 200/201

Pastor’s Q & A Class

You’ve got questions, God has answers. Each week we provide the class with opportunities to ask questions and we seek God’s answers in God’s Word. Everyone is welcome.
Teacher: Pastor Steve Silvey
Location: Room 109/110 (Fellowship Hall)

Good News Class

This class is for 50 years and above. Verse by Verse book studies and Bible Character studies are the most common teaching method for this class. Multimedia presentations are also used.
Teacher: Larry Mullikin
Location: Room 223/224

Auditorium Class

This lecture style class is open to all adults. Explore the Bible Study Series is the curriculum used.
Teacher: Rick Fleming
Location: Sanctuary

Misfit Class

This class focuses on topical lessons that apply to daily life and the work force. This class is involved in the ministry His Kidz that works with a local school in helping children who are less fortunate.
Teacher: Norman Bray
Location: Room 205

Faith Walkers Class

This class teaches Book studies, Character Studies and Lifeway Curriculum of Master’s Works.
Teacher: Paul Jordan and Guy Harvley
Location: Conference Room

Ladies Fellowship Class

This is a ladies only class to offer the opportunities for women to build relationships with other ladies in the church. The Class material ranges from Lifeway Material to Book Studies and topical series.
Teacher: Sandra Foster
Location: Room 113

Prayer Room Class

This class is for 50 years and above. Verse by Verse book studies and Bible Character studies are the most common teaching method for this class.
Teacher: Rick Smith
Location:  Prayer Room

Why Home Groups?

It’s quite simple…we’re not made to experience life alone. These groups allow you to connect with people on a deeper level, resulting in meaningful relationships. It’s growing closer to God and each other.

When Are Home Groups?

Our Home Group Ministry will begin in the Fall of this year. Ideally, most of our groups will meet during the week around supper time. Some groups may even want to eat supper together. That’s the great thing about these groups…flexibility.

Where Are Home Groups Held?

What about your house?! That’s right, you can host a home group. You just have to be faithful and willing. We want you to get the most out of this experience, so we do offer some training that will help you host your home with confidence.

How Do I Get Involved In Home Groups?

Getting involved is just one click away. If you are interested in joining, hosting, or facilitating a Home Group simply click on the “Small Groups” icon to the upper right. Remember to write in your interest, as detailed as possible, and someone will get back with you immediately. You can also contact Anne Morgan directly or call the church office at 261-3343.

Bible Studies Are…

essential to our understanding of not only God, but ourselves as well. Without God’s Word we would be purposeless and detached from our call and purpose.

Whether you have personal questions about love, suffering, guilt, loneliness, success, God, the future or the meaning of life, the Bible has answers.

Ukraine Missions

One of the biggest ways we can help this ministry is through prayer. Listed below are just a few of their personal prayer requests and needs.

Please pray for their summer camps, church attendance and Sunday school. Also pray that the construction of the church can continue and that they’ll receive the funds to complete it’s roof and windows. That the ministry team will remain in good health, for winter travel safety and health during the cold months. And finally, continue to pray for the Medical Clinic and Women’s Conference that is planned.

They also need Mercy Ministry funding to help provide food for families, enough Joy Boxes to be collected and shipped to the children, for volunteers to come and help minister in camps and mission trips, and just financial support for the overall ministry.

Membership 101

Membership 101

This class is  designed to help you learn more about the history, mission, strategy, structure, ministries, and beliefs of the church.  This class is offered on the first Sunday of every month at 4:00 pm in the conference room.


Maturity 201

Maturity 201

This class is designed to help you develop the essential habits and skills you need to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. This class is offered on the second Sunday of every month at 4:00 pm in the conference room.

Ministry 301

Ministry 301

This class is designed to help you discover how God has uniquely shaped you to serve Him and others. This class is offered on the third Sunday of every month at 4:00 pm in the conference room.

Life Teams 401

Life Teams 401

This class is designed to provide you with the training you need to serve in the ministry of your choice. This class is offered on the fourth Sunday of every month at 4:00 pm in the conference room.   If you plan to attend this class, please sign up on the bulletin board in the front hallway.